Intuitive Angel Readings

…to help you get clarity when things feel stuck or unclear, freedom from old energetic ties and cycles, & to deepen your own sacred connection.

The sacred is always here to guide you…

Sometimes it’s hard to hear our own inner voice, and we need a little support clearing away what’s no longer needed to make room for what is.

Sessions with me can include:

  • Clearing energy from your past so that you’re free to move on
  • Deepening your connection with angels, guides, and loved ones so that you can feel their wisdom and hugs from the other side
  • Getting clarity on looming decisions so that you can move forward with confidence
  • Connecting with, healing, and clearing ancestral energy patterns (their stuff doesn’t have to be your stuff!)
  • Clearing energy around your business so that you can find your people and share your gifts
  • Development of your own spiritual gifts so that you feel connected, clear, and maybe even a little magical

If you’re going through a big life transition, or there’s something that’s keeping you from moving forward, it might be time for an energetic intervention!

Through connecting you with your own unique, divine support system, you get the lightness, clarity and energy to move forward.

The Daily Sacred


  • 7- Minute Guided Morning and Evening Invocations
  • The Daily Sacred Checklists for Morning and Evening

I created these short, daily rituals to help you ‘bookend’ your day with a sacred connection.

Even a short spiritual routine can help you stay grounded, clear, aligned, and supported.

A little bit of Sacred goes a long way in bringing some gentle sparkle to your day!

Working every month with Aleyah has been one of the best personal and professional decisions I’ve ever made! Our sessions help me fine tune my intuition, clear out what’s weighing on me, and create a path forward toward my goals.

She’s helped me achieve extremely meaningful and tangible things such as finding the right people to hire, smoothing over relationships (both work and personal), making more money in my business, leaving my 9-to-5, and attracting and adopting the best dog ever. I find her as essential – or more essential – than my business coach and therapist!

I’m extremely grateful for the help and leave every session feeling refreshed, renewed, validated, understood and unstoppable.

Hermosa Beach, CA

Aleyah is so wise and magical. Whatever the issue – job, marriage, family of origin – she delivers a wealth of divine and earthly insights. After our sessions, I feel a deep sense of calm and clarity that makes it so much easier to figure out the right next steps to take..

Seattle, WA

Hi, I’m Aleyah (she/her)

What if the Divine can be more like a beloved friend who comes over in sweatpants, brings you cookies, always knows just what to say, and doesn’t care if you’re ‘perfect’?

With more than 25 years of practicing energetic healing, I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help you integrate your sacred superpowers into your everyday life.

In your sessions, I try to keep the spiritual stuff accessible, practical, and grounded. Nothing is off-limits, even the shadowy stuff.

Together we find the tools you need to get unstuck and feel clear about your next right step. No matter what you’re going through.

I help you clear out old, stuck energy and get to the root of patterns that no longer serve you while connecting with your Spirit Team and making room for all the sacred goodness you deserve.

You’re not alone. Your BFFs on the other side are here to support you. Let’s connect with them together!

Are you ready to finally feel grounded, clear, and aligned?

Together, let’s connect with your own unique, divine support system, and get that clarity you’ve been craving!

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I hold an inclusive and welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community

I’ve been working with Aleyah for years. Every single time I’m amazed by her intuitive nature that comes through in the sessions. She picks up on things and I always wonder, “How does she do that?” During our sessions, I feel nurtured by her kind heartedness. She creates a space that feels safe, and is so open to sharing her wisdom. One of my favorite parts of working with her is when she and my guides do a little cleaning up – I can feel the energy. After our sessions, I feel lighter in my energy field and clearer with whatever it is we worked on during that particular session. She is a powerful being full of love! I look forward to every session – that’s for sure!!

Mt. Shasta, CA